Dear Nicole Arbour

This is my very first blog post .I had a sudden urge to pen down my thoughts on a major issue called Body Shaming . I have meaning to write / talk about the same for a really long time because i think this topic needs attention.


A couple of days ago , a Canadian Youtuber , Nicole Arbour posted a video named Dear Fat People which is apparently the truth about Fat people . I didn’t know about it until Grace Helbig , a well known youtube celebrity, made a response about the same.I finally watched the video and that made my blood boil.The people who know me know that i’m naturally super skinny girl with hardly visible breasts and butt. You must be wondering why do i have the need to rant about this topic . Because that video is downright mean .

Honestly speaking, i feel body shaming is an issue and this happens to all size of people . I have faced it in the past, i do face it in present day and i might face in future as well.Coming to the topic, here are the things that were actually wrong about the video –

  1. You chose to make fun of fat people & name it a Satire.Comedy is something that is used in several ways from making someone laugh to sending a deep message.Satire is a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc. Spreading hate in the name of satire is absolutely foolish.
  2. Being an Internet figure,you have the power of changing lives with your talent – be it fashion/comedy/music etc.You have almost 100k subscribers on Youtube. I bet so much hard work is out into creating content,making people laugh,gaining a following.But, did you put that in good use ? No .Was that one video worth risking your entire channel and image ? No . Atleast , that’s what i think.
  3. People all over the world go through body shaming all the time – skinny/fat shaming is a real thing.Some go into depression because of body issues. You may not have gone through it .That doesn’t give you the right to say “Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. That’s the race card with no race.” Yes, i know some people are lazy to work on their body . But, there are people who work really hard on their body but nothing works for them. It ain’t funny in any way.You are not even apologetic about it.
  4. You make a disappointing video, post it and right away disable comments and likes . So, you did know that there’s going to be a huge backlash about this topic.Then , you have audacity to make another video standing by your so called jokes . What was the point of the video ?
  5. There are people who have low esteem.Videos like that can destroy their lives.

Real Talk – Nobody needs this. If you’re struggling with your body image, at best Arbour’s video will piss you off and at worst it will ruin your day. This isn’t how comedy works and it isn’t how being supportive and loving works. It is, however, how trolling for YouTube views works.

Youtube disabled your channel which you should have seen coming. Spreading hatred and bullying people is not something we want on any social media platform . Coming from a skinny girl might seem strange but it’s something even i go through in my life.I have friends and family of all sizes . I always think we should spread positive message about body image and looks because it’s something as important as any other health issue.

Good thing that came out of this was the entire Youtube creators reached out to their followers and there are plenty of genuine and truly supportive discussions going on out there about health and body positivity.

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Rant Finish.

Have a wonderful day !!

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