Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo Review | A Social Maniac

Hello Maniacs!

It’s been a long time since I did a review because we were revamping my blog due to which many posts got messed up. Anyway, all is well now.

It’s been almost two months since Garnier unveiled the new range of Shampoos- Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoos. I received a Garnier package from fashion/ beauty blogger Aanam Chashmawala’s What When Wear site and was delighted to use and review them.


So, I have been using Garnier Ultra Blends- Royal Jelly & Lavender Anti Hairfall Shampoo and Soy and Almonds Hair repair shampoo. Why I started with these two specifically? As I have long thick hair and I travel daily by Mumbai locals, the dust really damages the hair.

First things first, all of the shampoos have an amazing smell. The Royal Jelly and Lavender Anti Hairfall shampoo has really helped my hair looking fuller, the damage has stopped to an extent and has tamed the frizziness. The Soy and Almonds Hair repair shampoo has to be my favourite one from the four ones that I received. As it tamed the frizziness. The shampoos are more on the thinner side with normal texture and one can smoothly apply it on the hair and scalp. It lathers perfectly and is easy to rinse as well. The smooth application is what I have loved about the new range.These also work for oily hair perfectly.

The colourful packaging of the shampoos is eye catching. All of them have a golden cap with a leaf carved into it. Garnier’s new range of shampoos are very affordable for everyone and are available in three sizes.

Rs 55 for 75ml
Rs 120 for 175ml
Rs 230 for 340ml

So, would I recommend it to others? Yes. I am always skeptical about using different shampoos and experiment it on my hair because one may never know what could damage them. But, Garnier’s Ultra Blends range has worked wonders for my hair.

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